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On the effect of nosework on dogs’ welfare:

Psychology Today:

Companion Animal Psychology:

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On social referencing:


Psychology Today:



October 2017: French TV show “Les Incroyables pouvoir du corps humains” on “Dogs’ extraordinary skills” including dogs’ skills at reading human communicative signals and emotions, and dogs’ olfaction.

Duranton Ethologie France Télévision

September 2017: French TV show E=M6 on “Dogs’ ability to recognise their kins”

Charlotte Duranton éthologue M6

October 2016: French TV  show E=M6, on “Dogs’ ability to understand human’s communicative cues”–c_11614100

Charlotte Duranton éthologue E=M6


September 2016: French TV show E=M6 on “The influence of Music on dogs’ behavior”–c_11608866

Duranton éthologie M6

Video for “La Cité des Sciences”, Paris, “In the dog’s eyes”, d’Antonio Fischetti, with Florence Gaunet:

Electronic book for “La Cité des Sciences”, Paris


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CJAD 800 AM – Barry Morgan Interview – Can your dog read your mind? – April 4, 2016:


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