Teaching & Mentoring






2017-2018: MasterClasses pour Vox animae in Canine Ethology in Mollkirch and Lyon (France).

2017-2018: Canine Ethology Lessons for the Dog Training School Vox Animae.

March 2012 and 2013: Learning processes in Ethology, and their application in dog training.Lesson at the National School of Veterinary Medicine of Maisons-Alfort (near Paris), France.



February 2013: Studying Human-Animal communication in Ethology: the example of pointing and gaze following abilities in dogs. Conference for students visiting the Clever Dog Lab, Vienna, Austria.



Past students :

Marie Legain, University Diploma in Human-Animal Relationship, University Paris V. Head of Terre de Poil, Dog training school
Cécile Betremieux, Master Ethology, University Paris XIII Now works as a full-time ethologist for Paris Guide Dogs Center.
Charlyne Eury, Master Ethology, University Paris XIII. Now Dog trainer at Center of Assistant Dogs for Disabled Persons
Marion Lebocq, Licence Psychology University Paris XIII. Now Head of My Clever Dog, dog training school