Welcome on  Ethodog, Research in Canine Ethology, Paris, France

I am Charlotte Duranton, a Ph.D in Canine Behaviour, Head of EthoDog, and will present you my research interests and work.



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I am honored to be the Winner of the Early Career Scientist Award for the Canine Science Forum that will be held at Budapest in July 2018



-Effect of nose work training on dogs’ behaviour (in collaboration with Alexandra Horowitz, PhD, Barnard College, USA)

-Behavioural synchronization as a tool to estimate affiliation in dogs

Coming for 2019-2020:

more details soon



You can see my CV, reasearch interests and studies, papers, and experiences in conferences and teaching.

Quick access to my CV clicking here: Duranton_Ethodog_CV

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I am always interested in collaborations, or students, so feel free to contact me for any requests, comments, questions, or simply to get in touch at: charlotte.duranton@cegetel.net

 «Find a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life» (Confucius)