Personal information

Duranton Charlotte and her dogsI am 31 years old, living in France, near Paris.

I am the proud mother of Anna, 3 years old.

We are a big family of 4 dogs, 3 cats and 3 humans.


I earned my Master Thesis at University of Paris XIII, with a study at the Clever Dog Lab (Austria), under the supervision of Dr. Zsofia Virányi.

Then I conducted my PhD at University of Aix-Marseille, at the Laboratory of Psychology Cognitive, CNRS and the Association AVA – Pole Recherche, under the supervision of Dr. Florence Gaunet and the sponsoring Dr. Thierry Bedossa.

I am currently working on different projects with the Barnard College (USA) under the supervision of Dr. Alexandra Horowitz.

You can see more details in the  Research section.                                                       You can upload my resume here:  Duranton_Ethodog_CV



Current: Head of Ethodog, Research in Canine Ethology. Current research in collaboration with Dr. Alexandra Horowitz from Barnard College, USA.

2013 – 2017: PhD in Cognitive Psychology, mention Ethology, Laboratory of Cognitive Psychology, CNRS, University Aix-Marseille, France.

2011 – 2013: Master in Etholgy, graduated with honors (15,0/20, rank 2), University Paris XIII – Sorbonne Cité, France.

2009 – 2010: Diploma in Human-Animal Relationships, graduated with
honors (15,1/20, rank 2), University Paris V, France.

2007 – 2008 : Master in Anthropology, 1st year graduated with honors (14,9/20, rank 1), University Bordeaux I

2006 – 2007 : Bachelor Degree in Organisms Biology, graduated with honors (14,0/20, rank 3), University Bordeaux I